Oct 21

Biking season is on!

As we roll into the third week of October, biking season is well and truly on in Queenstown.  The trails from seven mile to bob’s peak to skippers and zoot are all on, we only have to wait for a bit of late snow to melt and coronet will be open for business as well.  Subtle changes and improvements to the trails are really prominent for me as I missed biking season last year, and let me tell you, I am impressed!  The trails underneath the skyline gondola, of course, are the ones that seem to have received the most loving attention over the past moths.  New connecting trails, funky new features and new pathways on old favorites have gotten me really stoked to be back on the bike.  The vibe in town and on the gondy is incredible too, everyone has a smile on their dial and the positive energy of this crew of mountain biking freaks is enough to brighten even the cloudiest day.  Speaking of which, the weather has been totally mint lately, with just enough rain and cloud to keep the dust down on the trails and stop everything from getting too blown out.  Primo!  As the flowers continue to bloom and the trees turn green all of us queenstowners should enjoy the quite season while it lasts and rack up as much pedaling, gondy shredding and beer drinking in the sun as we can… Hope to see you out there, I will be easy to find riding my new favorite track, rock drop… right next to rock garden, or drinking a pilsner at Atlas…

Ciao E