Oct 31


Happy Halloween everyone!  Not that that holiday gets much credibility down here… and why should it?  In the Northern Hemisphere the days are getting short, cold and evil, the goodness and easy living of summer have passed and many people are putting their rides into storage for the long winter ahead.  Why not banish the bummer of seasonal change with a wild dress up party and over indulgence in candy, booze and bad behavior?  For us in NZ, however, this time of year is a little bit different… the snow is melting, the days are getting seriously long, flowers are blooming, skin is getting tanned (or burned…) hormones and good vibes and energy are all on a high and the mountain biking set is getting their groove on, lapping up the goodness of tacky dirt and shedding the winter blues of cold night rides and dirty bikes.  So why would we need a silly holiday which dwells on the darkness of the season we just left?  Forget about it!  Way better to hold a bike race, have bbq and drink some pints at Atlas in the glorious spring sunshine.  And indeed that’s what we’ve been up to, and so much for this whole idea of “quite season” as well.  There were 47 people in the mtb line for the gondola yesterday and then 70 entrants in the southern downhill series run in the QT bike park, followed by 70 -80 hungry thirsty people hanging out at the Hub at Pinewood for the prize giving!  Awsome stuff (I’ve never grilled so many sausages in my life! Sorry to any of you that might have gotten a slightly cold or slightly crisp one, demand was high!)  With this kind of fun at our fingertips we will let the northern hemisphere have its Halloween, riding bikes is way more fun than playing dress ups… Thanks to everyone that showed up at the Hub, look forward to seeing you all again next time!