Oct 29

Road Trippin: Part One

Bike Queenstown heads to UTAH!!!

Like any keen mountain bikers, we humble peddlers at Bike Queenstown dream of travel and riding epic trails in exotic locations.  Utah may not be that exotic…depending on where you’re from… but its all relative!  If you live and work in Queenstown, things like Walmart, burritios, deserts, chipmunks and 30-cent Pabst Blue Ribbon beers are not everyday things!

So in the great spirit of exploration, we gathered an epic crew of 7 everyday Queenstowners (almost 8 sorry bout the arm Stewy!!!) rented two deluxe five person camper vans (Thanks El Monte Campers) and organized plane tickets for the west coast.  Some of us were already in San Diego for a family wedding, some came down from summer jobs in Fernie and Whistler and Brucey jetted over from distant Katmandu after a successful guiding trip to the 8000-meter summit of Manaslu…

Due to an incident involving the retirement celebrations of the space shuttle Endeavor we were slightly delayed in LA whilst picking up the team… Only in Los Angeles… After this minor hiccup however, we were on the road!  A night in a truck stop outside of Barstow was followed by an organizational day in Las Vegas and so, 500 miles and 25 burritos later we were waking up in Utah…

Check in with us again soon to get updates and photos from the trip as it unfolds….