Nov 02

Utah Part Three

Utah part Three: Moab…. AT LAST!!!!


Day four, or is it day five?  At this stage of a proper holiday days of the week, dates and days on the road all blend into one.  This day, however, holds some significance, because we are waking up in the mountain biking Mecca known as Moab.  Bleary eyes reveal a stunning landscape, arid desert floor giving way to huge masses of red slick rock that shove their way defiantly skyward.  Energy levels take a distinct boost, which is further aided by the first proper coffee of the trip, brewed fresh by Tracy at Chile Pepper Bike Shop.  Yes, in Moab the bike shops have espresso machines!  Chile Pepper is by far one of the coolest bike shops I have ever been in, full of great energy, great people (all very helpful) and of course, great gear, including a fantastic fleet of rental bikes.  If you are planning a trip to Moab and don’t want to haul your rig all over creation to get there, no problem, Chile Pepper has your back…


After getting kitted out with espresso, some fresh tubes, gu sachets, maps and a bit of local knowledge we hit the trail, one of Moab’s absolute classics, Slick Rock.  Slick Rock is one of Moab’s iconic rides, a moonscape of red rock that allows a rider to play with the extremely grippy off camber walls and roller-coaster style g-outs all above a painted desert of supreme beauty.  As an added bonus our favorite campsite of the trip, Sand Flats recreation area, sits directly across the car park from the trailhead.  A soft blanket of sand under foot, firelight flickering off the red rock rising above our camp, a new moon and a pile of stars…


Day two in Moab saw Tracy take some time out of her busy schedule to guide us on another Moab classic, Amasa Back.  Amasa Back is home to Moab’s one and only downhill race and it can be connected with a number of other loops that allow riders to gain some truly spectacular views of the surrounding country side.  The ride is characterized by some long traverses above a massive drop off and ledgy descents ripe for hucking…  Jarna and Cam took full advantage of the trails huckability and nailed some really sweet lines, which we were lucky enough to get on film.  In celebration of another epic day we piled into the local Mexican restaurant for burritos, margaritas and cold Pacifco beer… life in the high Utah desert is goooood.