Nov 17

Gold Digger


The long waited Gold Digger track paralleling Moke Lake Road has finally opened, and folks, it is a masterpiece…

Nipping into the trees across the street from the old seven-mile car park the trail begins its 2.5 km snaking climb to the top of the tar seal.  It is narrow, hand made and sweet to ride, with multiple hair pins and s bends the climb is as fun and engaging as any up track can be and its shade will provide a welcome relief from the heat of the summer sun for those looking to ride the moke lake, lake dispute circuit.

The best part is, however… that Gold Digger is a two-way track…that means you can boost down it as well!  The descent is wicked, lots of rear wheel drifts and plenty of opportunity to lay the bike right over, just watch out if you have wide bars, the trees come tight in some places!

For those that can’t be bothered with the up this run is also easily shuttle-able popping out just at the top of the tar seal on Moke Lake Road.

Note: If you’re riding the trail up and back why not connect it to B.O.B, the great new two-way entrance and exit track to seven mile.  The flavor is the same and it keeps the smile on the dial even longer…

Get into it!

Hats off to QMTBC for providing us with another world-class ribbon of dirt to play on, good work guys!