Nov 21



Pinky gets us loaded up for a day of epic shuttles

Pinky gets us loaded up for a day of epic shuttles

November is prime time in Queenstown to shake off the winter blues and get back into the swing of spring….

I was lucky enough to start my November with a bang….  Mid November brought a birthday party for our mate Justin and he got older in style with an all day charter on the bike taxi with 10 mates.

We started with a BBQ in the sun and then loaded up our DH rigs for some laps at the always fun, rowdy and rugged Remarks track.  After the juices got flowing and we got our first puncture out of the way we were off to Wynyard, a nice buffed change to the rough and tumble style of Remarks.  A brief beer and chips stop at atlas saw us changing to trail bikes and heading up the peak for laps of Rude Rock, the best new trail in basin that just leaves you gagging for MORE….

As if we hadn’t had enough already we charged off down skippers pack track then enjoyed a much deserved beer on the way back up the old access road.  Finally, just to knock it all on the head we hit zoot on the way down.  Epic… and highly recommended to anyone looking to sample this great variety of trails only a stones throw from town….