Mountain Bike Hire

                                                                        BIKE HIRE FROM $29 


ADULT BIKES (Ala Carte)                                                     1/2 DAY                                FULL DAY

Mountain bike – hard tail (front suspension)                       $29  BOOK                          $49 BOOK

Mountain Bike – Full Suspension (all mtn)                          $49  BOOK                          $79 BOOK

Downhill Mountain Bike                                                          $75  BOOK                          $95 BOOK


                                                                    BIKE PACKAGES FROM $99


Queenstown Bike Park Packages                                      1/2 DAY                                 FULL DAY

All mtn (Avanti Torrent)                                                               $109*                                     $160*

Downhill Bike                                                                               $135*                                     $180*

*Armor and full face helmet included


Queenstown Bike Taxi Package                                         Remarks/Rude Rock/Zoot/Wynyard

All mtn (Avanti Torrent)                                                                                         $99*

Downhill                                                                                                                 $130*

*Armor and full face helmet included


MULTI DAY DISCOUNTS                                                       3 DAY                  7Day                   10Day+

Mountain bike – hard tail (front suspension)                     $45PD                 $40PD                $38PD
Mountain Bike – Full Suspension (all mountain)                 $73PD                 $70PD                $65PD
Downhill Mountain Bike                                                   $90PD                 $80PD                $70PD

FREE – Helmet, bike pump, spares kit and friendly advice.

FREE –  Body Armour with downhill bike rentals. (Knee, Elbow, Full Face Helmet)

We know all the mountain biking trails around the area and would love to give you as much local advice as possible.




Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 7.48.06 PM

The Voltage is a tried and true member of the free ride bike community and with a slightly re-tooled frame and hot new look it will be turning heads on the gondola and on the trail.  Light and poppy while also slack and forgiving the Voltage is the perfect weapon for the Queenstown Bike Park!

Pricing:      Half Day Bike Hire      Full Day Bike Hire

Voltage:            $75                                  $95  BOOK NOW




Avanti Torrent,

The Avanti Torrent is the swiss army knife of mountain bikes, a full suspension trail bike with six inches of front and rear travel and new industry leading 27.5 wheel size. Whether going up or going down this bike can do it all.  For those looking to do some flowing cross-country out at seven mile or a pedal round the scenic moonlight track, this bike is a winner.  The versatile Torrent is also perfectly at home in the Queenstown Bike Park for those wanting a lighter ride.


Pricing:   Half Day Bike Hire    Full Day Bike Hire

Torrent:        $49                             $79      BOOK NOW



Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 7.40.37 PM
The GT Aggressor is a tough hard tail, a great Queenstown bike that can handle a punishing cross-country ride, or a gentle cruise round the lake.  With 100 mm of front suspension and strong disc brakes your Queenstown cycling opportunities are limitless!  Now with the easy rolling 650b wheel size!


Pricing:        Half Day Bike Hire       Full Day Bike Hire

Aggressor:         $29                           $49    BOOK NOW



All Great Options for your Mountain Biking holiday in New Zealand, We will not only fit you out with a great hire bike but we will also share with you local knowledge and tracks to ride. We know all about biking up the skyline gondola ( Queenstown Bike Park ) local downhill tracks, Cross country trails. Best local hang out spots, bars and restaurants that are great places to relax in the sunshine and enjoy a hard earned beer after a great day riding. We can also organize Cycle tours, Heli Biking Trips, days out biking around the vineyards enjoying a drink or two.